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Browser example
Browser example

Browser example

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Feed Reader Screenshot Feed Reader, Widget Browser Screenshot Widget Browser In this example we send Netscape visitors to Yahoo, while we send MSIE visitors to either Hotbot or MSN depending on the browser version. Let's look at a more useful example, detecting what browser someone is using. This section describes an example that creates a QueueBrowser object to examine messages on a queue We will look at how to build a Rich Client Platform application by going through a simple web browser example. Timeline representing the history of various web browsers. We hope you'll The Fancy Browser example shows how to use jQuery with QtWebKit to create a web browser with special effects and content manipulation. For example, 90% market share in 1997 would be roughly 60 million users, but by the start of 2007?WorldWideWeb -?History of the Opera web -?Konqueror -?EpicGetting started · ) are available for use with certain browsers' developer tools. The application A Simple Example of Browsing Messages in a Queue. Showcase Screenshot Showcase, Playground Screenshot Playground. If it's none of theThis example demonstrates how to access YUI's built-in user-agent information to learn things about the environment in which your code is running. This example is not included in the R3.0 SDK, Example 1 illustrated how to create Javascript and how it functions in a page. Fonts from Start with this basic HTML template, or modify these examples.
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